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Special Studies

Our Special Studies series is a very unique set of studies on topics that we don't often hear much about. Some of these topics include: A Study of Demons, Angels, Ghosts (paranormal), and the unique word AMEN. We hope to add more unique studies to this section along the way.

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SS-1 - Special Studies: A Study Of Demons

"You believe there is one God, you do well even the demons believe and tremble," James 2:19.

Welcome to our study of demons, in this series of lessons entitled a Special Study Series. We're going to be looking at a host of different subjects that are, maybe, rather unique ones that we don't hear as much about. We will look at subjects some may be curious about. What does the Bible say on this very unique subject?
Today we think about a very unique topic: demons. What you know about demons? We read about them in both the Old and the New Testament. Do they exist today? Do I need to live in fear of, of demon possession today or, or some demons taking control of my body? Were they real in the Bible? Are they real now? What is the exact nature and purpose of demons in the Scripture?